Little X-Man


    Name: - Xander Charles Kuchan
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, November 2 2004
    Age: - 13 years, 7 months, 22 days
  • Weight at Birth: 08 lbs. 2.3 oz.
  • Time of birth: 8:13 AM
  • Length at birth: 20 1/2 inches
  • Weight at 12 months: 21 Lbs
  • Height at 12 months: 29.5 inches
  • Current Weight: 32 Lbs
  • Current Height: 38.5 inches
  • New skills: super glueing his eye shut
  • Favorite Things: As always his Big Brother and Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, hot dogs, chocolate, bologna, birthday cake and peanut butter sandwiches
  • Favorite Songs: Any Johnny Cash songs, his ABC''s and singing Happy Birthday.
  • Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Polar Express, Dora, the Backyardigans and Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Nic-Names: X-man, Xanman and Stinker
  • Clothes Size: Shirts- 4-5, Pants-4-5
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Favorite things to say: I can''t, I''m hungry and can I Have a treat?

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(Monday, March 22 2010)

Xander... Xander... Xander! My 5 year old little spitfire!!!!! He has a smile that makes you melt... and a little attitude that makes you want to scream at times! :) He knows what he wants, when he ...more

(Friday, February 19 2010)

will update soon

(Thursday, September 10 2009)

Xander started Head Start on Tuesday! He was so very excited and had no troubles letting Mom, Tony, Killian, Taylor and Hudson leave him there with his class mates! He did wonderful! He even gets to be ...more

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Auntie Erin (Sunday, May 4 2008)

Oh...poor little Xander!! I haven''t seen him in SO LONG! Probably a couple months at least...I need to see these little guys or they will not remember their "favorite" Auntie! :) Keep on updating us, I ...more

Haakon & Marit (Thursday, February 14 2008)

Happy Valentine''s Day Xander! We hope your day is extra sweet!! May your mailbox be flooded with Valentines!!

Grant, Rebekah, Haakon, & Marit (Tuesday, November 6 2007)

Hi Xander, We just wanted to wish you a Happy Belated birthday. We were thinking of you on the 2nd and hoping and praying you were having such a wonderful 3rd birthday. Did you have a yummy cake? And ...more

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